New LumenBasic 12 v LED Bulbs E26 E27 12vdc 12vac Light Bulbs low Voltage Edison AC DC Screw in Light Bulbs for Off Grid Solar Lighting Marine Boat RV 12v Interior Lighting warm white for Camper

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Color:Warm White LumenBasic 12 v LED Bulbs - 25 watts to 40 watts low voltage bulbs LED replacement Pack of 6 pieces LumenBasic 12v LED Light Bulbs with standard small size of a 25 watts bulb but brightness is must-have for off grid living style. These low voltage led bulbs are brighter than a 25 watts bulb and comparable to a 40 watt bulb. These 12 v LED bulbs are great low voltage 12v light bulbs to be used with any low voltage power source such as Power banks, 12V deep cycle lead batteries, off grid solar lighting, boat, marine, camper etc. ?LED Globe bulb style with standard Edison base E26 E27 able to fit in any Edison light fixtures ?Compatible with both AC and DC voltage (12 vac 12 vdc) that are perfect for any of your appliance and projects ?Color temperature available in both warm white (soft white 2850k) and bright light white (daylight white 6000k) ?Great 12 v 25 w LED Replacement bulbs and 12 v 40 w LED replacements - saving up to 10 times on energy cost and longer lifespan ?Can also be used for outdoor such as 12v lamp post light and 12v camper light as long as that your light fixtures are waterproof ?Great Lighting products must have for off grid living life able to last long with little energy from your solar powered battery ?100% green LED bulbs made with environmentally friendly materials that proved by ROHS to reduce energy used and hazard materials pollution NOTE: this model is a 12 volt low voltage LED glob bulb, DO NOT USE IT WITH 110V OR 220V